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  • G61 Ayase EAST
    Guest House Bank recommends G61 Ayase EAST
    18 mins to Ayase Sta (the Chiyoda Line) on foot.
    Convenient environment
  • G59 Kitasenju WEST L
    Guest House Bank recommends G59 Kitasenju WEST L
    9 mins to Kitasenju Sta (the Hibiya Line) on foot.
    Very livable area!
  • G78 Akatsuka NORTH
    Guest House Bank recommends G78 Akatsuka NORTH
    10 mins to Shimo-Akatsuka Sta (the Tobu Tojo Line) on foot.
    Private fridge in each room!
Firsthouse Shin-otsuka
only 1 vacant!
Firsthouse Shin Otsuka is 3 min walk from Shin Otsuka station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. 13 min to Tokyo station by this train. Also you can walk to Ot...
Firsthouse Shin-otsuka
Transportation2 mins to Shin o-tsuka on the Tokyo metro marunouchi-line on foot.
Rent RangeSingle-occ: ¥55,500-¥70,500/Month
ConditionsMenMen  WomenWomen
  • Furniture
  • Wi-Fi
  • Western-style Room
  • 100 Sqft. -, 10㎡ -
  • Private Kitchen
  • Business District
  • Residential Area
  • Multiple Stations Available
  • Multiple Lines Available
  • Easy Access to Metro Area
  • Close to Grocery Store
  • Close to Station
  • Friends' Visit Welcome
  • Free Internet
  • Pair Welcome
  • No Guarantor
  • No Deposit and Key Money
  • No Smoking



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