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The area around Kawasaki station is known as an entertainment district which has modern history. There are many stores in the East Exit area of the station. Lazona Kawasaki is in the West Exit area. Besides, Kawasaki Daishi, informal name of Heiken-ji, is a famous temple where 2.8 million people visit during the first three days of new year.>>Map

Required Time to Notable Stations

Available Lines
Tokaido Line
Keihin-Tohoku Line
Nambu Line
Keikyu Line
Tokaido Line
18 mins to Tokyo
8 mins to Yokohama
Keikyu Line
10 mins to Shinagawa
14 mins to Haneda Airport
Keihin-Tohoku Line
17 mins to Sakuragicho


Kawasaki City Bus
To Rinko Police Office
To Ukishima Bus Terminal
To Kosugi Station
To Kawasaki Hospital
To Shinshiro Station
Rinko Bus
To Tsurumi Station
To Ukishima Bus Terminal
To Kawasaki Hospital
To Tsurumi Station West Exit
To Tsunashima Station
Keihin-Kyuko Bus
To Kisarazu Station
To Morigasaki
To Haneda Airport


The Sights

  • Kawasaki BE
  • Kawasaki Azalea
  • Saikaya
  • Marui
  • Yodobashi Camera
  • Kawasaki LeFRONT
  • More's
  • Kawasaki Dice
  • Tokyu Hands


KAWASAKI Halloween
The event, held at the East Exit area of Kawasaki station in October, includes a big Halloween parade. The parade will be magnificent. During the event there will be Halloween sale at many stores.

The Scene

Manga (Japanese Comic Books)
Kare Kano
Famous Name(s)
Yuji Oda (Actor, singer
Naoko Tokuzawa (Model)
hitomi (Singer)
Becky (Singer, actress)

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