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Hachioji station is known as the entrance of Hachioji city the center of the Tama area in Tokyo. There is a big downtown in the north area of the station. The building of the station includes Sogo department store. Buildings and facilities such as Yodobashi and Hachioji Hot Spring are attracting people.
The south exit area will be expected to develop by the redevelopment project.>>Map

Required Time to Notable Stations

Available Lines
Chuo Line
Hachiko Line
Yokohama Line
Sagami Line
Chuo Line
46 mins to Shinjuku
68 mins to Tokyo


Nishi-Tokyo Bus
To Musashi-Itsukaichi Station
To Soka university
To Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
To Kyorin University
To Tokyo Junshin Academy of Girls and Women
To Takao Station South Exit
To Takao Station North Exit
To Keio Hachioji Station
Keio Bus
To Hachioji Station North Exit
To Tokai University Hachioji Hospital
To Hino Station
Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu
To Sagamiko Station
To Hashimoto Station North Exit


The Sights

  • Mt. Takao
  • Mt. Jinba
  • Roadside Station Hachioji-Takiyama
  • Nagaike Park
  • Science Dome Hachioji
  • Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall


Hachioji Festival
The festival, held in August, is a traditional festival. The brave parade of portable shrines and the carving of the float are remarkable.
Eleven of the floats are the cultural properties of Hachioji city. You may feel the atmosphere of Hachioji's traditon. There will be approximately three hundred booths in the event.

The Scene

Famous Name(s)
Yuki Kudo (Actress)
Hideaki Takizawa (Actor, singer)

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