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Terms of Use

The following are the rules for users who visit Guest House Bank provided by GHB Co., Ltd. Once the users enter the website, we consider that they agreed the Terms of Use.
Privacy Policy
Any information that we may collect from you while using the site will be safe in principle. However, the information may be used when required under the law, or to protect our rights and properties. Moreover, any information which is not identifiable may be used for investigations.
The Following are Prohibited.
  • ・ An obstruction to manage the website.
  • ・ Act in violation of copyright.
  • ・ An invasion of privacy.
  • ・ Disadvantage the website.
  • ・ Act against public order and standards of decency.
  • ・ Criminal act and acts which may be considered as a crime.
  • ・ Use the website for profit without our approval.
  • ・ Use the website while setting yourself up as another person.
  • ・ Reprint, copy, transfer, and accumulate the contents of the website without our approval.
  • ・ Any act which we consider it is irrelevant.
Other Rules

・ Even if the website is out of service because of the maintenance, server trouble, and disasters, we will consider that users accept the circumstances.

・ If there is a trouble between users, we would encourage them to consult about the problem honestly. Otherwise, their original trial will be held at the Tokyo District Court.

・ At any time, we may amend these Terms of Use.

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