About shared house and its attractive points, advantages, and helpful tips.

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What is Shared House

About Shared House

A shared house, sometimes called as a guest house, is an apartment (or a house) for rent in which you can share rooms and facilities with other residents. Shared houses convenient for travelers and people who are looking for accommodations for short-term. Mostly without a damage deposit, a key money, a brokerage fee, and a guarantor, you can rent a room monthly.

You’ll Love Shared House Because

  • ● Affordable rent range
  • ● Intercultural communication
  • ● Personal relationships
  • ● Not lonely
  • ● Secure (not alone)
  • ● Common equipments are convenient
  • ● Easy to move in

To Live in Shared House Happily

Following a shared house rule and checking the rule in advance are important for your happy life in the shared house. Try to be nice and polite to other residents.

Room Type

Single Room Occupancy We suggest single room occupancy to people who care about their privacy and like to be alone. Furnishings and facilities differ from other apartments; some apartments may include an air conditioner, a television set, a bed, a refrigerator, desks, and chairs. In general, single room occupancy is more expensive than multiple-occupancy room.
Multiple-occupancy Room A multiple-occupancy room usually includes more than one bed in a room. The biggest advantage of this type is its inexpensive rent range. You can save a lot of money by choosing a multiple-occupancy room. Most multiple-occupancy rooms include only a curtain for your privacy, however, no men and women share a room in principle. The safe and lockers might be available in most rooms.


Rent Expense for the use of a shared house
Deposit Expense that you pay when you rent a shared house
Management Fee Expense for upkeep
Utility Expense for services such as gas and electricity

● Examples of Expenses

Price/Mo, [Deposit] Mgmt. Fee, Utilities Expemses for the first month Expenses for the other month
House A \61,000
・・・ Rent (\61,000) + Deposit (\30,000)
+ Mgmt. Fee (\0) + Utilities (\10,000)
Rent (\61,000) + Mgmt. Fee (\0)
+ Utilities (\10,000)
House B \40,000
・・・ Rent (\40,000) + Deposit (\20,000)
+ Mgmt. Fee (\7,000) + Utilities (\8,000)
Rent (\40,000) + Mgmt. Fee (\7,000)
+ Utilities (\8,000)
House C \50,000
・・・ Rent(\50,000) + Deposit (\0)
+ Mgmt. Fee (\0) + Utilities
\50,000 + Utilities
Rent(\50,000) + Mgmt. Fee (\0)
+ Utilities
\50,000 + Utilities

*The deposit may (may not) be given back.

People Who Live in Shared House

● Gender
70 percent are female residents.
● Age
90 percent are
twenties and thirties.
● Occupation
70 percent are business people;
15 percent are students.
  • I want to learn various cultures
    with other residents.
  • I haven’t decided
    how long I stay.
  • Shared houses are easier
    to rent than apartments.
  • I’d like to stay a shared house
    by the time I find an
    apartment or a job.
  • Hotels are too expensive to stay for
    a long period. Apartments are not also
    what I want.

Equipments and Amenities to Share

  • ■ Kitchen

    ● Gus Rings and Sinks
    Please keep in mind that a number of equipments are limited. It might be kind to tell other residents when you use the equipments for a while.
    ● Refrigerators
    To avoid a mistake, put your name or room number on a package of your own food.
    Try not to leave your own food in a refrigerator for a long period.
    ● Rice Cookers
    Boiling adequate amount of rice would be friendly to other residents when you use
    a rice cooker unless you freeze the remains of rice.
    ● Microwaves
    Try not to leave your own food in a microwave for a while.
    ● Pans, Pots and Other Dishes
    Wash and return pans, pots and dishes to where they were after you used them.
    ● Detergents, Sponges and Dishcloths
    Mostly provided by a shared house. Try to keep them clean.
  • ■ Shower

    Mostly coin-operated, or free.
    Examples: 100 yen for ten to twenty minutes, or 200 yen for twenty minutes.

  • ■ Washer/Dryer

    Mostly coin-operated, 200 yen for each.
    Please do not leave your clothes in a washer and a dryer for a long time.

  • ■ Bathroom (Lavatory)

    Cleaning equipment and toilet papers may be provided in most shared houses.
    Please keep the bathrooms clean.

  • ■ Vacuum Cleaner

    Try to remove dust from a vacuum container (or replace a vacuum bag) after using it.

Flowchart to Move in

  1. 1. Please contact management companies via a "Check Availability" button in Guest House Bnak.
  2. 2. Make an appointment and visit the shared house for preview. If you can't visit in advance, you may want to check all the information about the shared house and the room including photos on the website.
  3. 3. Application: valid ID must be needed in principle. (may need additional documents.)
    *Foreigners may need their passports and visa.
  4. 4. Contract: requirements and documents differ from each management company.
  5. 5. Move-In

Things You Check When You Preview

  • ● Room conditions
  • ● Kitchen, shower, bath, toilet, and other equipments and amenities to share
  • ● Who cleans places to share and house?
  • ● About contract, payment, and move-out
  • ● About regulations
  • ● About garbage, smoking, internet availability, and parking lot

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