About the privacy policy of Guest House Bank, known as a searching site for shared houses.

Guest House Bank

Privacy Policy

Using Information Collected

Except a case that a user agrees, we will use information that we collected from the user for only restricted purposes. If required under the law, that case will be also an exception.

Collecting Identifiable Information

We will reveal a purpose of treating users' information and collect them with their approval.


We protect information that we collected from users from illegal access, leakage, manipulation and a loss. Besides, we keep the information in a safe system with industry standards. We would improve the system if it is neccessary.

Informing to a Third Party

Unless the law requires, we do not inform identifiable information to a third party without the user's approval.

Improving System

We continually improve our system to appropriately use identifiable information we collected. We may amend this Privacy Policy if it is necessary for security.

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