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Except the area around Koenji station, Koenji is known as a quiet residential area. There are many detached houses and apartments in the area, therefore, Koenji is prefered by people who like to live alone.
There are some shopping arcades, which include second hand clothing atores, variety stores, restaurants, and secondhand book stores, around Koenji station. The shopping arcades are croweded with young people every weekend. According to the statistical data of population in Suginami-ku, a large number of twenties and thirties are living in Koenji area in the ward.>>Map

Required Time to Notable Stations

Available Lines
Chuo Line
Sobu Line
Keio Inokashira Line
Sobu Line
9 mins to Shinjuku
26 mins to Akihabara
Chuo Line
7 mins to Shinjuku
21 mins to Tokyo
Yamanote Line (Connect in Shinjuku)
16 mins to Ikebukuro
14 mins to Shibuya


Kokusai Kogyo Bus
To Akabane Station East Exit
Kanto Bus
To Nerima Station
To Akabane Station


The Sights

  • Koenji Junjo Shopping Arcade
  • Koenji Pal Shopping Arcade
  • Koenji Look Shopping Arcade
  • Koenji Azuma-dori Shopping Arcade
  • Koenji Naka-dori Shopping Arcade
  • Koenji Kitanaka-dori Shopping Arcade


The event is held at the street in front of Koenji station in August. The event is getting famous, and paticipants of the event are increasing every year. During the event the tune for awaodori is used at the platform of Koenji station.

The Scene

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