Shared House Glossary. Check any unknown words and technical terms about share house.

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Shared House Glossary

Management Fee
Expense for upkeep of equipments and amenities to share in shared houses
Expense for services such as gas and electricity
Guest House
Accommodations for mostly short term period in which some of the equipments and amenities might be shared by the guests.
Currently shared house is more common than guest house.
Shared House
A house or an apartment for rent in which residents share some of the equipments and amenitites. Compared with common apartments, shared houses are easy to contract.
Expense that you pay when you rent a shared house
Dormitory (Multiple-occupancy Room)
One of room types in shared houses in which two or more residents share a room
To preview the rooms and houses
Living room to share in a shared house
Repairing, painting and remodeling an old building so that it is in good condition again
Room Share (Flat Share)
To share a room for dwelling with two or more people

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