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Akihabara is known as not only the "Electric Town" but also "IT City", "Anime Town", and the holy place of the "Otaku" culture.
In addition to the three Lines (Yamanote, Kehin-Tohoku, and Hibiya), the Tsukuba Express was opened in 2005. An average of a hundred and twenty thousand people use Akihabara station per day. The guest houses around the Akihabara area are convenient for shopping and commuting. Many tourists from overseas visit Akihabara for shopping and seeing the Anime and the Otaku cultures.>>Map

Required Time to Notable Stations

Available Lines
Sobu Line
Yamanote Line
Keihin-Tohoku Line
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Tsukuba Express
Sobu Line
15 mins to Shinjuku (connects at Ochanomizu stn.)
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
14 mins to Hibiya
Yamanote Line and Kehin-Tohoku Line
4 mins to Tokyo
14 mins to Shinagawa


Toei Bus
To Kasai-nishi Station
To Komagome Station South Exit


The Sights

  • Akihabara Station (Denki-gai Exit)
  • MY WAY1 Shopping Arcade
  • MY WAY2 Shopping Arcade
  • AKIHABARA Covention Hall
  • Akiba Square
  • Tokyo Anime Center
  • AKB48 Theatre


Kanda matsuri (Festival)
The festival is one of the three biggest festivals of Edo. Two hundred portable shrines are carried through Kanda, Nihombashi, and Akihabara.

The Scene

Densha Otoko

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