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Like Shinjuku and Shibuya, Ikebukuro is known as one of the subcenters of Tokyo. Ikebukuro station is surrounded by huge department stores, speciality stors, restaurants, and adult-entertainment establishments. The downtown spreads out both the west and the east areas of Ikebukuro station. An average of 1 million people use Ikebukuro station per day.>>Map

Required Time to Notable Stations

Available Lines
Yamanote Line
Saikyo Line
Shonan-Shinjuku Line
Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Tobu Tojo Line
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
Yamanote Line
6 mins to Shinjuku
16 mins to Ueno
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
15 mins to Tokyo


Toei Bus
To Tokyo Dome City
To Nishi-Arai Station
To Ueno Park
To Kaminarimon at Asakusa
Kokusai Kogyo Bus
To Nakano Station
To Tkashimadaira Station
To Hikarigaoka Station
To Akabane Station West Exit
Seibu Bus
To Shinjuku Station West Exit
Kanto Bus
To Nakano Station


The Sights

  • Ikufkuro
  • Sunshine City
  • The Seibu Department Stores
  • Bic Camera
  • Sakuraya
  • Tokyo Hands
  • Junkudo
  • Animate
  • Mandarake
  • Toyota Amlux
  • Tobu Department Store
  • Marui City
  • Japan Library of Mystery Literature
  • Ikebukuro West Exit Park
  • Gokoku-ji
  • Sunshine Theatre
  • Theater Green


Fukuro Festival
The festival has been holding every year since 1968. Over ten portable shrines are carried by the people who are representatives of each area in Ikebukuro.
The festival includes the Tokyo Yosakoi. Many dancers takes part in the Tokto Yosakoi, and it is beacoming the center of attention in the Fukuro Festival.

The Scene

Japanese TV Drama(s)
Ikebukuro West Gate Park

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