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Kawaguchi city is located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city was founded on April 1, 1933. As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 500,140.
Kawaguchi station is very convenient for shopping because there are many stores and various buildings such as Sogo. The east side of the station is composed of stores, the Media Center, a new library, and condominium.
Unlike the east side, the west side includes caltural facilities and houses.>>Map

Required Time to Notable Stations

Available Lines
Keihin-Tohoku Line
Kawaguchi Motogo stn., Saitama Railway Line
10 to 15 mins from Kawaguchi stn.
Keihin-Tohoku Line
4 mins to Akabane
18 mins to Ueno
Saikyo Line
20 mins to Shinjuku
Saitama Railway Line
(Connected to Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)
14 mins to Komagome


Kokusai Kogyo Bus
To Nishi-Kawagucgi Station
To Warabi Station
To Soka Station West Exit
To Tozuka Angyo Station
To Higashi-Kawaguchi Station South Exit
To Araijuku Station
Tobu Bus
To Soka Station West Exit
Kwaguchi City Community bus


The Sights

  • The Green Center
  • Roadside Station
  • Jurian
  • SKIPCITY(NHK Archives, Kawaguchi Science Museum)
  • Elsa Tower 55
  • Kawaguchi Autorace


Tatara Fextival
The Tatara Festival, which includes a karaoke contest, street stalls, the samba, and fireworks, is held in August.

The Scene

Famous Name(s)
Yoshito Ishii (Professional baseball player)
Mayumi Ozaki (Professional wrestler)
Satoru Ozawa (Cartoonist)
Cutie Suzuki (Actress, former professional wrestler)
Masaki Saito (Former professional baseball player)
CHARA (Musician)
Natsumi Nanase (Actress)
Yukio Ninagawa (Director)
Bull Nakano (Former professional wrestler)
Misako Miyahara (Former marathon runner)
Maki Mori (Announcer)
Emi Wakui (Actress))

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